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5th April 2020 

Why counselling?

'Counsellors and psychotherapists play a crucial role in improving the health and wellbeing of our society. They help people to talk about their feelings, think about their choices or their behaviour, and make positive changes in their lives.' The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (

Perhaps you find yourself feeling anxious or guilty, or apologising for things a lot lately and wondering why, or are feeling alone yet, paradoxically, avoiding company. Perhaps you can’t remember the last time you felt at ease. Or perhaps you feel that you cannot forgive yourself for any number of things. Or you may feel that no one does or feels the same ‘crazy’ things that you do (spoiler alert: they do). Perhaps you don’t feel heard or seen in your own life, or you have lost something or someone you valued immensely, and life has lost its meaning. You might even feel that you don’t recognise yourself anymore. Perhaps you are using certain means to cope, but these are bringing their own problems. These are just some of the things that can bring us to seek counselling. There are many, many more, and it can be hard to share some things with friends and family - often for fear of being judged, causing upset, having your personal issues disclosed or being told what to do.

As your counsellor I will be alongside you when you are ready to explore the more difficult places in your heart, your mind, and quite possibly your past. Together we can work on you beginning to see your thoughts, feelings and patterns more clearly and to move towards an understanding of what you really want from your life. As a Person-Centred counsellor I use a whole-person approach as opposed to 'targeted therapy', meaning that I work with all parts of your self in order to help you bring about authentic, meaningful, long-lasting personal change. We do this at your pace.

Issues I have worked with include, but are not limited to:

- Depression
- Anxiety
- Eating disorders
- Loneliness
- Bereavement and other losses
- Relationships
- Life changes
- Self-worth
- Identity
- Coping with long-term health conditions
- Negative thoughts
- Abuse
- Shame
- Stress
- Social or emotional isolation

Based in Shepton Mallet (Mendip), my counselling service is near to Glastonbury, Wells and Radstock. In view of the current public health situation, however, I am offering counselling sessions by Skype and telephone only.