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12th July 2020 
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Hello and welcome.

It can be hard to share the things you most need to talk about with the people in your life, can't it? This is often for fear of being judged, causing upset, having your personal issues disclosed or being told what to do. Sometimes there's simply just no one there. These obstacles are removed when you come to counselling.

As your counsellor I will help you unpack and examine troubling and difficult feelings, free from the obstructive power of judgement.  I don't tell you what content to bring, or what you should do or feel.  Instead, I listen carefully, respond reflectively, and work hard to really get a sense of what you are experiencing. In doing so, I help you get a more up-close sense of what you are experiencing for yourself - as opposed to what you may have been feeling you should. Getting in touch with yourself in this way activates your own self-healing potential - which I and those of my approach firmly believe exists within us all.  I will help you stay focused and feel safe enough to explore difficult yet significant things which could otherwise remain unexamined through fear, leaving their transformative potential regrettably untapped. 

We are all at once reassuringly similar and beautifully unique.  I am used to hearing things which may sound 'peculiar' or taboo to others, and emotions are sensitively welcomed and treated as the precious resources that they are.

If you would like to try it out, I warmly invite you to get in touch.  From first contact I can offer an initial free half-hour assessment session via Skype, Zoom or telephone. Please see my Contact page for further details. 

The location of my face-to-face practice is in Shepton Mallet (within Mendip, near to Glastonbury, Wells and Radstock).